can the PBP draw more than 3A from the barrel socket?
I bought a Syncwire dual 3A charger and a USB to H barrel cable from the Pine64 shop to try out.
I thought that this would be useful for travelling because it should be able to charge the PBP and a phone at the same time.
Initially it worked well but then I hit a problem.
One day I let the PBP run totally flat, and the Syncwire would not recharge it.
I put this down to experience and suspected that the Syncwire was not performing to spec, but then last week a youtube video popped up with a fellow connecting a USB-C second monitor, and in the video he says that by connected a 5A power supply to the PBP it could run the monitor on a higher brightness than is possible with the standard 3A one.

This got me thinking that if the PBP is capable of pulling more than 3A then maybe when it is totally flat that it does, and maybe this causes the Syncwire to protect itself and shutdown?

Is this possible?

How does a totally dead PBP will recharge from the stock power supply?  Does it just current limit by reducing its input voltage?
AFAIK it's just 3A (give or take) on stock PBP, so whoever claims 5A is full of it unless they modified the battery charging circuit. Somebody here on the forum discussed the possible modification, but I'm not aware of anyone actually attempting it.
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In a few words, the battery charging circuitry inside the PineBook Pro cannot draw more than 3 A at 5 V from any of the two power inputs (i.e. the barrel port or the USB Type-C port).  This thread sums up some of the possible ways for increasing the power draw, through hardware modifications.

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