Debian/Mobian packaging help needed
Hello there,

I have some Debian packaging questions for the people here, who are more experienced with this topic than I am:

Could you have a look at the packaging files in my repo for building a Debian-conform package of Axolotl? That would be very very nice.

The deb file can be built using the provided Makefile (with debmake and debuild) and the installation on Mobian with apt is successful.

But regarding the formalities, this is quite unknown ground for me. So feel free to give me feedback.

As someone who has also been interested in Debian packaging, and looked into it few times here and there over the years, I think the best place for you (or anyone else) to learn would be the actual Debian project mailing lists. They have several of them, including at least one geared towards helping people get up to speed.

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