Testing USB port(s)
I've been running and old ayufan rock64 build of OMV (v4) - I set it up 2020-01

I had been getting the occasional issue with the un-powered USB3 HD (only USB device plugged in) where it needed to be remounted.

About a two weeks or so ago, ssh sessions would consistently freeze when I tried to "ls" a specific directory and/or issue "df". SD access seemed.

I tried with a powered USB hub, with no change.

I had a small collection of rock64's that I picked up cheap and swapped out the board from the case (with fan) and the same SD card/OS, case, PSU, USB HD and it immediately worked fined. Its been running fine for 11 days now - with no incidents.

I suspect there is something going on with the USB ports (I'm guessing damaged).

Any suggestions on how to test the ports? Other than "df" and try accessing random directories?

I have another rock64 that I deployed with Armbian and Docker (with Pi Hole in a container) its been running solid for 4 months (NOTE this only has a USB2serial device on it) so I suspect I either got a flakey board originally or something in my environment has damaged the USB ports.

NOTE I'm planning on using Armbian for all my boards, I just haven't made the time to move OMV to Armbian+OMV5 yet.
So turns out my problems were actually the hard drive, the drive finally failed catastrophically
(09-27-2021, 09:07 PM)clach04 Wrote: So turns out my problems were actually the hard drive, the drive finally failed catastrophically

Same story as yourself. I've 5 Rock64s. Bad solders at the Ethernet and USB headers renders two of them inoperable. You can actually see a bit of movement when your pushing/pulling cables. They were definitely a bad batch.

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