Plasma Mobile, screen is upside down when in landscape orientation?
When the latest monthly blog update announced Manjaro with Plasma Mobile as the new default, I threw that on a micro SD card and have been testing it since. Sometime in the last week, an update broke auto-rotation for me.

Everything is fine in portrait mode, but when I rotate my phone 90 degrees the screen will rotate 90 degrees in the *opposite* direction, resulting in the screen being upside down when in landscape mode.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or maybe even know how to fix this? This is definitely going to need fixing by the time that keyboard accessory comes out, since the phone would always be in landscape using that.

PS: Aside from this issue (and intermittent crashing when trying to use a USB-C dock), I'm really pleasantly surprised with KDE. I thought I would hate it, but it feels like it has a lot of potential and is already pretty polished.

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