Observations about SIM card recognition and OS distribution
I got a 3gb Mobian yesterday. While I was trying to get my Google Fi nanoSIM in the white plastic adapter and into the phone, I broke the right-most prong of the SIM card socket. Bummer. I had it for about 15 minutes at that point. Anyway, I went about soldering it back on. It didn't work. I couldn't tell if it was the hardware or software. In flashed Manjaro+Plasma, and the SIM card was not recognized. I flashed postmarketOS latest test distro, and the SIM is good! I can phone and text. So, my solder job is good, the Google Fi is recognized without effort (I use it in an iPhone and Android phone, freely moving the SIM around and it works in everything I've tried).

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Observations about SIM card recognition and OS distribution - by lsitongia - 02-27-2021, 03:36 PM

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