Is there a list of software/Hardware errors
Is there a actual list of issues where i can look ?
I have Mobian with all updates installed. My language is german and the Keyboard is right, but when i open XFCE-Terminal the Key y/z are changed.

My Phone drain also the accu without the phone is on.
have you check the gitlab issues page?
Thank you for the hint.
for hardware issues, check out the pinephone page in the wiki, too
(02-19-2021, 07:56 AM)Franze_m Wrote: My Phone drain also the accu without the phone is on.

If that is an early model "Brave Heart", this is due to an hardware error which needs to be fixed with a hardware fix. Later models (Community CE editions have that one fixed).
#6 sucks. The wiki should have nice pages setup for distros and apps/hardware for each distro in some kind of chart that lists them as working, sort of working, not working at all, etc..

This is the best I've seen so far for Mobian/Phosh:
anyone with a forum account is welcome to start a wiki page like you've described.

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