Is the PinePhone only Pine-device with hardware switches?

I tried to do some comparison between various Pine-devices available, (a comparison chart between all the Pine-doohickeys would be cool) and search the forums but I ended up with an impression that the PinePhone is the only device with hardware switches?

Does Pine64 has any plans to implement those to other devices? Say laptop or tab / anything with camera/microphone/etc would warrant having at least some of those handy switches alone.
I can't speak for the others but the Pinebook Pro has them. One to shut off the eMMC, one to choose between headphones or serial console, one to turn off WiFi, one to turn off the microphone, and one to turn off the camera. The latter three aren't hardware in that you can switch them without power. The keyboard processor has to be running. But they are as good as hardware switches for isolating those devices.

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