Midnight Commander on Mobian
Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share my experiences with trying Midnight Commander on Mobian:
(It is a terminal-based twin pane filemanager)

I installed it from Kings Cross by:

sudo apt install mc

I then ran it from Kings Cross by typing:


it seemed to run fairly well, and also worked with touch input.
It has many functions built-in, such as an editor, working with permissions and file-ownership etc.

(Note: It also seemed to add 2 new icons to the desktop, which did not seem to do anything?)

Some tricks I have found useful are:

It seems to be able to be run from sudo for special reasons, perhaps to delete files owned by root etc.
Choosing to  zoom in/out from the terminal it is running in can make more room on the screen to see filename etc.
choosing to display the twin panes one on top of the other instead of side by side is helpful for reading long filenames (I was able to change it via a menu option)
Sometimes the phone needs to be changed to landscape mode for a few seconds to see an option.
Pressing F10 should exit the program, and return to the terminal.
(F10 should be accessible from the on screen keyboard, by pressing second key from left at bottom, then enabling "terminal" mode, then pressing the second key from right at bottom (marked   >_  ).

Hope this is interesting to someone! -regards.
(01-19-2021, 05:43 AM)rp3 Wrote: (Note: It also seemed to add 2 new icons to the desktop, which did not seem to do anything?)

Hi rp3,
you may get rid of these symbols by following this "clean" way (it follows some conventions, so it will be resistant to package updates):

1st create a directory within a hidden folder in your home directory:
cd ~/.local/share
mkdir applications

2nd copy the mc desktop files to your local:
cd /usr/share/applications
sudo cp mc*.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

3rd edit the mc.desktop and and mcedit.desktop and add this line at the end:

The symbols are gone from your launcher now...
Midnight commander is a great tool within ssh sessions as well Tongue


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