Networking on A64 LTS broken on Debian with Kernel 5.9
Hi folks,

I wanted to migrate one of my Pine-A64 Non-LTS boxes to a LTS box. The Non-LTS box was running with kernel 5.9 from unstable just fine. After changing the bootloader the LTS box boots fine as well, however, ethernet seems to be broken. It is shown and detected but no packets seem to pass.

I tried with a different dtb file (from kernel 5.4), but the effect is the same. The stable dtb file from kernel 4.19 works fine.

Is anyone else having network issues with newer kernels on the A64-LTS version?

A few minutes after I posted this the Kernel 5.10 became available in Debian and - unbelievable - but upgrading fixes this issue! Seems like other Allwinner boards were also affected from these ethernet issues:

I hope my H64 will now finally work as well when I find the time to test it.

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