MTP Services Mobian

there'd been no news for a while how to get back MTP-Service on the PinePhone.
As i use the phone mainly as a media player, i simply need a real easy way to transfer some files (mainly with Win10 Laptops).
So i had a look at the source repos and decided to turn the wheel back.

Here's how you re-activate umtp-responder (make sure you are root or use sudo while performing these steps):

- reinstall umtp-responder package:
  sudo apt-get install umtp-responder

- stop the specific services to do the changes:
  sudo systemctl stop umtp-responder.service
  sudo systemctl disable umtp-responder.service
  sudo systemctl stop mobian-usb-gadget.service
  sudo systemctl disable mobian-usb-gadget.service

- create a folder "umtp-responder.service.d" in /lib/sytemd/system:
  sudo mkdir /lib/sytemd/system/umtp-responder.service.d

- copy override.conf to /lib/sytemd/system/umtp-responder.service.d

- copy mobian.conf to /etc/umtprd

- replace mobian-usb-gadget in /usr/sbin

- replace mobian-usb-gadget.service in /lib/systemd/system

- replace umtp-responder.service in /lib/systemd/system

- enable and start the specific services:
  sudo systemctl enable mobian-usb-gadget.service
  sudo systemctl start mobian-usb-gadget.service
  sudo systemctl enable umtp-responder.service
  sudo systemctl start umtp-responder.service

Please see the tar.gz archiv for the directory structure as well... you may even extract the folder over your root...
but it is better to do it manually and try to understand the parts involved.

I made a slight change to the mobian.conf file as i use a sdcard for the media and do not need to access the home folder.
Because the sdcard is vfat there is no issue with the files permission.
As said before...
Try to understand what's involved, tweak it yourself and think about the security flaws mentioned in the mobian issue tracker.
It's your decision and i'm not responsible if the secret agent plans got stolen...
I like it a little more comfortable  Big Grin

EDIT: Just for completeness... it has been tested on up to date mobian system (emmc) while still on 5.10 linux kernel.
Make sure to keep some backup copies of the files replaced, to revert back...
Right now this should be treated as a temporary hack, because we could not simply put it back into the packages already distributed (e.g. mobian-tweaks, umtp-responder).


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