NetBSD -Current binaries
(12-30-2020, 01:28 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: I didn't run into that issue, but when I do, I just make a copy with the alternate name.

Eh, that's not a really good practice. There are changes to libraries and they're not guaranteed to be backwards compatible.

Quote:Perhaps what you might want to do is just install 9.1, and upgrade it to 10 when the day comes. I've been very successful updating NetBSD, I've never run into any issues. The only thing I think you'll be missing is the firmware for the inbuilt WiFi, which doesn't really work anyway. I have 9.1 on an SD card, and use it quite a bit, but not always only because it's so slow on my SD card. One of these days I'll copy that to the eMMC.

One advantage of running 9.1 without the Wi-Fi firmware is that I don't have to remember to turn the privacy switch off and back on if I use Debian for something.

Sadly, I need the laptop to function as a laptop. I have about 13 different options for wired computers in my house/office.

So wifi support is needed, otherwise I would be running 9.1 already, and this thread wouldn't exist. Wink

Wifi is working good, although a little slow for me in current. I haven't had any problems with it.

Also when it comes to SD's, get an A2, the speed difference won't be that bad compared to eMMC.

Anyway, I should be getting spare-cores and (more importantly) hard-drive space in the next 6-months. I'll set up a cross compile bulk build if no one else hasn't if/when that happens. And then throw it up on my company server. Until then, I'm fine with what I have, and the kid can live with Linux for now.

If anyone else comes across or does their own bulk build for -Current, please feel free to share!

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