Bricked phone uninstalling apps. ?? ??
Today I chose to uninstall some apps I thought I'd never use like Maps, Calendar, Lollypop, Geary... I was thinking if a problem arose I'd just find it in Software and reinstall.

I believe trouble arrived when I uninstalled Evolution Notification this-or-that. (Which I noticed was running in RAM when I was doing nothing.) As soon as I did, both icons for SMS and phone calls turned into grey coins with ? in them, and did nothing when I tapped them.

I went to Software and couldn't find this Evolution Notifies etc. and I'm not too familiar with pacman but I figured out how to search and it didn't find anything. And then my Pinephone crashed (which is what it tends to do every so often) and after the Manjaro logo and the loading circle of dots under it, I see this:

[Image: 8b64f8dfe1d9e7dc8299561817c10278b8ad54aa...134624.png]

It stays on this screen until I do another hard reset, and the same thing happens again. I don't have a microSD to try and boot to it. Confused  Is there anything I can do except to factory reset?
it wants you to login usig your username and password. if you have a way to attach a keyboard (usb-c or the convergence bar) you can do so then start wayland manually

otherwise youre going to need to reset it
I don't know if Manjaro sets up ssh access by default, but that might be worth a try too. Reset involves booting from microSD.

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