After KS sales (16x boards) has yet to ship
Well I'm sure you are the only person who PM'd him or sent an email to the company, so it does seem totally unreasonable that you are not being instantly responded to.  Besides, it's not like some portion of the nearly 37,000 Kickstarter backers might be trying to find out why their stuff is 2-4 months behind when they were "promised" delivery.

But seriously, plenty of us gave money way earlier and haven't received stuff, so seeing someone who ordered later than us make statements about illegal trade stuff, and believing they have more right to be heard because they bought more product, is pretty frustrating. You are obviously upset that you don't have your stuff yet and it didn't ship when they said it would. But so are the rest of us that have been waiting a lot longer. And all the people that want to know why they don't have their items yet are bombarding the company via forum and emails (myself included), so yeah, they are slow to reply, if at all. Be frustrated and vent, but just remember who you are complaining to. Most of us just aren't going to be sympathetic to your plight, and the Pine folks are trying to handle tons of people posting in the forums about shipping plus all the other stuff.
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