After KS sales (16x boards) has yet to ship
Well, it sounds like you have a great legal case there. Maybe you should hire a lawyer, gather all the evidence you need, and take them to court. Unless maybe waiting a few more weeks would be more sensible.

I'm so sick of these posts. You are ordering something from a company that is not even established yet, that is still getting off the ground. You must have known they had a huge amount of product to get out just from Kickstarter backers, but you still think the very first time they try to sell their product, that zero delays are acceptable. If you order something online, and it says shipping will take 3 days, do you raise this kind of hell if it takes 4 days? I would hope you do, because that is a 33% delay in the expected time to receive your product. You should go after the company you ordered from, and whoever the shipper is, because it's probably both of them out to screw you and steal your money.

And as far as people that "spend a lot of money on this", plenty of people spent a lot of money on this by funding the company in the first place, and they haven't received their boards yet.
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