Changed pw in terminal to 'asd' can't log in at phone's home screen now
I should have thought that one through! Ooops!
So my question is about factory resetting. I noticed a 'reset' button on the inside with the battery and the switches, but powering off, press and holding, doesn't seem to reset it back to original with the 123456 pw. Is there a protocol I can follow somewhere I just haven't found? Anyone know?
Are you able to ssh into it?
You can use jumpdrive to mount emmc on a PC over USB
Check out this thread, there it is explained how you can reset your password. Mount your file system (either the SD card or via Jumpdrive) and delete the password hash in the /etc/shadow file as explained (on Ubuntu Touch this file seems to be in /var/lib/extrausers).
(11-30-2020, 01:24 AM)LazyMechTech Wrote: Is there a protocol I can follow somewhere I just haven't found? Anyone know?
Your user password must be numeric.
The only way to login is using a pin code, not actually a password.

The root account can have any password you want, and very recommended to change that if you plan on using SSH on your phone.

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