PSA: Warning about Pinetab Quality
@ImaPagan Thank you for keeping us up to date on your experience so far.

> There is no enough evidence that the LCD screen crack by itself and battery still in normal shape.

Would you mind sharing the photos that you sent them on here? I would be really interested to see the extent at which the battery has expanded and how much LCD damage there is.

> I am surprised that Pine64 arrived at their conclusion without physically examining the Pinetab.

Yeah this seems surprising that they are drawing conclusions from images alone. This is something I would really want to inspect in person before potentially sending of a few more hundred to be made at a factory.

> This situation definitely provided me with information about how Pine64 doesn't really stand behind their own products.

Bare in mind it's an early-adopter device... I expect hardware issues that may involve replacement boards or a little bit of soldering, but I wouldn't expect the device to self destruct as you've described, that's insane. It's really irresponsible to manufacture more PineTabs without first figuring out exactly what went wrong here.

As @rocket2nfinity said, you should still be able to recover some money by selling it to another community member for developing. Some of the developers for the OSes for example still use the original tablets with 1GB RAM I believe.

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