(06-02-2016, 06:33 PM)JCMPine64 Wrote:
(06-02-2016, 04:39 PM)nagmier Wrote: First off, when was the last official release that didn't depend on longsleep? last I checked he isn't on Pine Payroll... and if he were the I don't use it so fix it yourself attitude wouldn't be acceptable, being that he isn't Its perfectly fine as I said none of this is HIS responsibility... these were items I wouldn't have ordered had I known they wouldn't work with other OSs, I have a Wifi/BT and an LCD Touchpanel... the 1... count 1 image I can use hasn't been updated as recently as the others and has broken BT in it... so I therefore have to chose BT or touchscreen... kinda defeats the point of a tablet if I can't connect to it via BT IMO as I use a BT Keyboard a lot... so the items sold to me via backerkit ( WiFi/BT and Touchscreen were added via backerkit ) are not compatible as it stands and according to what I've seen unless I decide to learn Linux Kernel building and developing I'm SOL as again we see no communication from the so call Pine team... Sorry forum mods and guys in the community I applaud your efforts but there is some fundamental lack of support from Pine what have they been doing since the project was funded? I mean the engineering teams? there has been very little communication from that side of the house since KS closed... These are potentially fatal flaws!

What have they been doing?  <sarcasm>That's a stumper, for sure.</sarcasm>

Lighten up Francis.  Your hyperbole doesn't advance your cause. Unless you just want to whine and troll, then I suppose you're doing well.  Everything will work, just maybe not this week.  And if it doesn't, that's what can happen with a Kickstarter project.

sure nagmier is a bit "loud" but I agree with him

It's quite ridiculous to have to dig around on this forum in order to find out that there is no video acceleration for the Pine. And no official statement of why or proper ETA from the Pine team

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