My pbp no longer boots
As of yesterday, my Pinebook Pro no longer boots. Sad
2/2020 Model running current Manjaro ARM Plasma via emmc.
No recent updates or specific changes were applied in the last few days.

I can still see the red power LED when the official power supply or a USB-C cable is used for charging.
No Green LED when the power button is pressed.

I'm very confused by the fact that the green led does not even power on.  I do have a TTL Serial cable I'll have access to soon, but not sure on best steps for debugging this.  My rough plan is:

1. Remove the emmc card
2. Boot off a backup emmc card or sd card
3. If nothing happens... not sure on next steps yet beyond reading documentation.

Haven't opened my pbp before, so any suggestions or tips appreciated in debugging whatever happened.  Thanks! Idea

My problem was resolved by following a thread about "Did I kill my board". Seems holding the power button had disabled the ability to boot. Holding the button for 20 seconds, then pressing it for 2 seconds allowed it to boot and green led / laptop runs again. Cheers!
Quick test would be to write an Armbian image to an SD and see if that boots. I don't use it but as a diagnostic tool it's not bad. Just completely replace your OS temporarily with a few minutes work.
Was able to fix it by holding down the power button for 20 seconds, found through another post on this forum. Thanks!

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