About desktop apps
I have done more experiments on my old Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch.
I installed Gedit (text editor for Gnome) on it, it works (except for the on screen keyboard, it never comes up at all)!
But I noticed that if you keep it open and turn off the screen, the battery will become warm and gets discharged very quickly until you close the app.

Does this happen on PinePhone under Phosh or Plasma Mobile too?

Question was put under "Manjaro" category, because this is the edition that will arrive here next week.
Considering my questions have been ignored, I'll answer them myself now that my Pinephone has arrived.

For now it seems like:
Battery goes down quick with apps open, but not so much while no apps are open.
Bonus point: screen input became super buggy after locking the screen while leaving the Terminal app open.

However, I've not experienced any heating up of the battery so far, the phone remained cool all the time.

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