Can't Close Aps After Mobian apt-get dist-upgrade
Now when I press the ^ symbol on the bottom of my phosh screen, the aps all tile on the desktop, but the close buttons (the "X") are all missing!
This is a feature  Smile . Try touching the minimized app and swiping up.
(11-20-2020, 01:57 AM)Momomentum Wrote: This is a feature  Smile . Try touching the minimized app and swiping up.
Well whaddaya' know! I suspected a feature had crept-in and I tried a bunch of swipes, but couldn't guess the timing and direction of the swipe without your tip, Momomentum. Thanks!

Is there any way to configure Phosh to get the old behavior back? It's much faster than the new behavior. (One very quick and relatively uncritical touch to the big "X" target does the job with the old behavior.) Like it says on the back of my phone, "enjoy the simplicity." Big Grin

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