Can't boot from SDCARD anymore...
First of all I'd like to say "I love my Pinebook Pro!"

Next, I'll state my problem.

I am unable to boot from sd-cards.

I can still boot from the main drive and I used to be able to boot from the sd-card but... I installed Armbian on the Pro (which is awesome) and I installed "firmware" through armbian-config. Maybe I should not have done that but I have had nothing but great experiences with Armbian on my other Pine64 boards so I didn't think anything bad would happen from doing this.

How can I restore the original boot preferences?


Bryan P.
I fixed the problem. I actually went back to using Manjaro. :-)
Yeah, I didn't care for Armbian much, too sterilized.  But it has a good reputation as something to try if you think there might be a hardware problem.

The boot order is preset in the hardware, you didn't change it by accident.  More likely your SD has a problem.  I haven't seen one last more than a couple years, less if it was a cheapie.  Sometimes you can stick it in a USB reader and copy your files off.  Then you might be able to reformat it and use it again, but you probably don't want to trust it much.

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