Looks like I found a mild reason why UBPorts for pinephone hasn't seen much progress.

Looks like one of the main threads on the ubports forums was updated notifying a de-prioritization. Not sure when this happened, but it makes sense that we haven't a lot of changes recently. This would explain why the issues board has gone stale and why it seems to be no changes for at least a few weeks on the dev builds. With this in mind, I still don't consider this OS fully abandoned still don't consider the pinephone integration abandoned and will maintain a quiet eye looking for updates. Until I come across something that shows activity prioritization on their channel I am going to indefinitely suspend my QA testing for this OS so I can expand into other candidates.

EDIT: Clarity, I know the OS in general isn't abandoned, but Dalton had bigger fish to fry.

EDIT 2: Changed title to add 'for pinephone'

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Looks like I found a mild reason why UBPorts for pinephone hasn't seen much progress. - by plainenough - 10-28-2020, 09:25 AM

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