Install postgres
I've tried both the x86 and arm versions I found on the arch-linux wiki and they both gave me an error saying I do not have the correct architecture.  Where can I find a postgres that will work on PBP Manjaro?

Still confused about relationship btw Arch and Manjaro.
AArch64 is the right one.
(10-21-2020, 11:36 AM)Samurai_Crow Wrote: AArch64 is the right one.
I could use more explanation. I downloaded a file from here

I ran it but then nothing happened but it seems installed. If I type psql it says the DB is not running and there is no UI from which to turn it off or. Are there instructions on how to install it? I can't find anything for arm.

So the way to do it I think, in the off chance anyone else needs this info, is to install it first then go the wiki and follow the instructions. I could not find a one-stop shop.

ARM is 32-bit ARM. The PineBook Pro is 64-bit ARM which is called AArch64 architecture which isn't compatible with 32 bit Linux.
It installed though, without any errors saying that I was installing the wrong package type. I have failed during installation as it won't start the server, and I cannot delete postgres (to try a reinstall) as it requires a PW which I have not set/does not exist.

Doesn't seem like these would be related to wrong architecture though?
>and I cannot delete postgres (to try a reinstall) as it requires a PW which I have not set/does not exist.
For the package manager?
id ,,, should show you are in sudo group

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