installing vpn
Hi all,

I am using a Swedish vpn named mullvad and their debian package is for amd64. As you know, the Pinephone runs on arm64 and after "dpkg --add-architecture amd64" I am still left with an unsatisfied dependency: iputils-ping. Now, I stopped myself just short of installing it since it removes inetutils-ping, mobian-base, mobian-phone-base and mobian-phosh just to name a few. Is this a dead end and should I go for installing open vpn and adding a config file from my vpn in there instead? What method do you guys use to run your vpn on the Pinephone?

Appriciate any tips or advice.
Forget "dpkg --add-architecture amd64" - even if you do get it to install everything the binaries are still the wrong architecture to run. You can ask mullvad to build arm64 packages - you might be lucky! If you can connect to them with openvpn and a config file then that's probably your best bet. I use wireguard between mobile devices and my home network - not tried it on the PinePhone yet, and not sure many commercial VPN providers support it.
Yes, two minutes before your post I went ahead with the -add--architecture route and as you said, it didnt turn out well Cool . Will reflash and go down the open vpn route instead!
I managed to solve it with the help of this guide together with another one from my vpn provider. I now have a working vpn on the pinephone!   Smile

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