Installing applicatons via command line
I'm finding that with the Mobian "Software" application, any category selected causes the program to abort. If I install a graphical program from the command line with apt or apt-get, will it appear as an app on the Pinephone screen? If not, what would I have to do to create a screen icon for it? (Going in on the command line there are no .desktop files in the Desktop directory as would be seen in a standard-issue Debian system.)
The 'Software' application has been notably buggy - probably best to ignore it unless you want to test it. Installing via apt will have the same result that 'Software' would if it worked. If the packages supplies the .desktop file in one of the globally expected places it will appear. I think the usual one is /usr/share/applications/
Thanks, just installed linssid via apt and the icon appeared on the Pinephone screen. (Unfortunately it doesn't work. When launched from the command line it says it cannot connect to display :0. Maybe not compatible with Wayland yet.)

Actually it may not be a Wayland issue. The cascade of error messages that come up indicates a possible Qt plugin configuration problem. (Searching online reveals other applications with similar problems.) I was hoping to be able to use the pinephone to do wifi surveys (at least for 2.4GHz). It looks like for now "nmcli d wifi" run from the command line will have to do.

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