Phone Calling - Extremely Bad Quality
(09-16-2020, 03:51 PM)mischmerz Wrote: Hello - I just got my PinePhone today. I didn't expect it to compete with my Samsung S10 and I am understanding it as a Linux box that can be used to make phone calls, but .. well .. I can't. Calls can be placed and the other side can hear me well, but all I am getting is some modulated static. It's very quiet but the real problem is that the sound itself is garbage. I can't understand a single word. Can't even say if its a male or female on the other side.

I am running the pre-installed PostMarketOS.

Any ideas?


I found PostmarketOS to be rather painful to use, so I installed Mobian on an SD card. Mobian, while rough around the edges, is far more advanced than PostmarketOS. I didn't activate my SIM card until after installing Mobian, but the call quality has been sometimes acceptable and sometimes very bad.

The microphone is as good as any other phone I've had, with the receiving end not being able to tell the difference between the Pine Phone and my Huawei.

The received audio, however, is rather terrible some of the time. Sometimes, it's even unintelligible.

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