Pine64 doesn't respect its return and refund policy
(09-12-2020, 09:32 AM)desca Wrote: How long did it take to get replies from support? I opened a ticket a week ago, and no response at all...

Not sure if you were asking OP or me, but in my case when I opened a ticket with Pine support they first responded the next day, promised to forward my ticket to their "engineering team" and ignored it for the next 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks of waiting I opened a PayPal dispute, and they ignored it and my support ticket for another week. At this point I escalated my dispute into a claim and asked for a full refund. A few days after that they suddenly remembered about my ticket, but only to ask me to close my PayPal claim and promise they'd look into my issue after that.
After a month in PayPal claim review Pine finally offered me a full refund and sent me an RMA# and the return address. Next day I shipped the item back, but they never acknowledged the delivery of the package (I sent it with tracking, so I know it was delivered). So, I had to pester PayPal support and wait for another month to finally get my money back.

TLDR: To get a meaningful reply - about a month? And even that was with some additional "motivation" from PayPal.

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