Trigger happy proximity sensor, broken volume control & other newbie questions
Hi, I’ve recently gotten my PinePhone in the mail.  At first glance all appears to be working, but I’ve soon realized that the Firefox that came bundled with it isn’t as mobile friendly as I thought- most pages don’t fit on the Pinephone screen when used vertically.  Well, that isn’t a big issue in and of itself, so I tried using the phone in horizontal mode.  As I tried typing in a link and made the most minuscule of movements near the speaker grill, the proximity sensor kicked in, dimming the screen and temporarily disabling all touch input.  Now, I don’t have particularly large hands, but my palms do cover the proximity sensor from time to time.  This is normally fine on every other phone as the dimming only occurs during a phone call, but doesn’t seem to be the case for my Pinephone.
I suppose this is more of a software issue that can be solved by tinkering around some settings, but I have yet to see any setting that disables this.  With how trigger happy the proximity sensor is, I can’t envision myself typing on that thing, which kills almost all of the functionality I have in mind for the phone.
I have another problem that I suspect to be hardware related: none of the physical volume buttons are working.  Controlling the volume via software works fine, so this isn’t that much of a dealbreaker.  I’ve tested this briefly with xev and nothing turns up when the buttons are pressed.
Now for the stupid question: how do I get a dark themed keyboard?  And has anyone riced this phone?  While theming seems pretty straightforward in i3, I have no idea how to do it with a DE in the way.
My apologies if these questions clutter the forum / are incredibly stupid, the Pinephone is my first ever venture into these sorts of things.  I’ve never used a DE or wayland before :3. Thanks in advance.
I have the same problem with the proximity sensor. It's a known issue in Phosh, see this thread:

To sum it up: Phosh needs to implement a function for enabling/disabling the proximity sensor, and the call app needs to be made to use it.
First you should give a desription of the OS  "you are talking about", there are quite a few different Distro's                                  And a choice of desktops  as well
Some of which are at very different stages of development. 
> What Operating System <>What desktop  I think KDE has a dark theme available., maybe some others do also.
>Mobian does dim the screen when you hold it to your head.
Also on Mobian the volume rockers do function, each push sends it about 5 notches in the desired direction.
Someday they may use a bar sliding across the top of the screen, for now you can see that movement if you open the sound page...
and watch the sliding bar..  Once you are familiar with the handset, you will know that you want to push the button 2 times or 4 times for the desired volume.             
  You will develop a feel for the phone, and the software is a work of art as it progresses..  For now the developers  are bringing it together,   "some polite input"   can help to put the pieces  where they  do To please the most people
A few months back those rocker switches actually did nothing.

If you walk into the kitchen and scream at the chief, then you will not be happy with what he made,


Firefox  and Epiphany  (Gnome web) and others are in Development NOW to fit the Pine phone screen, "Nicely"
(09-10-2020, 03:22 AM)bitnick Wrote: I have the same problem with the proximity sensor. It's a known issue in Phosh, see this thread:

To sum it up: Phosh needs to implement a function for enabling/disabling the proximity sensor, and the call app needs to be made to use it.
You can disable the sensor completely as a workaround. Just blacklist module named stk3310 in /etc/modprobe.d . See man modprobe.d.

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