Mobian won't boot on convergence package Pinephone
(09-03-2020, 05:35 PM)bcnaz Wrote: I think the Mobian running from sd card  ''may''  be quicker/snappier than the eMMC install of Post Market.

Not trying to bad mouth PMOS, it seems to be an 'ok' operating system. (no complaints)

Mobian is much quicker than PMOS in my short experience so far. I'm not trying to bad mouth PMOS either. I will instead praise the latest Mobian build for how polished it feels. The one thing that really stands out is that Mobian seems capable of keeping bluetooth off between reboots, while PMOS does not. I find this particularly important because the hardware kill switch for BT also kills wifi. On the flip side, PMOS got my APNs automatically. I had to enter them manually in Mobian.
(09-02-2020, 05:40 PM)Mark53 Wrote: I'm trying to get Mobian to work on my Pinephone, but can't get it to boot. I flashed the most recent image to an SD card, but when I try to boot, it just gives me a green LED that stays on indefinitely. Through Matrix I found an issue on the Mobian Gitlab that describes exactly the problem I'm having:

Unable to boot Mobian on 3GB "Convergence Edition" Pinephone

Is this an issue specific to the convergence package since it has different hardware than the regular Pinephone?

Per the newly minted community rules I suggest you search further. It is a known issue due to addressing the extra ram.

As of now I am only aware of pmOS and there are reports of the latest mobian nightly working

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