1 of 7 SoPINE compute modules not receiving DHCP lease
I recently purchased a clusterboard and 7 compute modules. One of the 7 never retrieves an IP from my DHCP server.

Here's been my process thus far:
  1. Download Arbian 20.08 Buster 5.7.15 (Pine64so version) and unxz the archive.
  2. Mount the image, use dtc and vim to make the necessary modification to the device tree image for networking to work.
  3. Copy the image to a microSD card with dd. (All cards are new and tested with f3. Class A1 cards were selected per the documentation.)
  4. Insert the card in a compute module, insert module into first slot on clusterboard, connect cables.
  5. Wait for my DHCP server to assign a lease.
  6. Create a static IP assignment for the MAC address from the DHCP lease.
  7. SSH to module and complete first login steps (root password, locale, user creation)
  8. Issue shutdown, power off the board, and remove the module.
  9. Repeat 3-8 successfully for five of the six other compute modules.
For one of the modules step 5 seemed to never complete. I have tried:
  • Waiting a very long time (more than 40 minutes; others took less than 5)
  • Reseating the module
  • Reseating the microSD card
  • Re-imaging the microSD card
  • Using a microSD card verified to be working in one of the other modules
  • An nmap scan of my local network (which turned up nothing unexpected)
Things I have not tried:
  • Serial Console debugging. I did not buy one.
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Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
In the list of things that you tried, you say that you moved the SD card to another module to test it. Did you also move the module to another slot?

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