micro sd card won't insert
Just got my pinebook pro. Turned it on, disliked it used manjaro, went to install KDE neon.

I read on here you can't boot from USB and great. The micro sd card refuses to stay inserted.

I can push it in with force and get to computer to recognize it, but when i take my finger off of it and it just springs right back out.

No matter how hard I push it in, it never clicks and stays in.

I remember reading something along the lines of they don't take refunds.

That's would've been fine for something small like a dead pixel, but not being able to install the OS i wanted completely kills the entire reason I bought it from the ground up.

Not sure what I can do at this point but buy a new pinebook pro laptop? Or am I doing something wrong that I'm oblivious to?

Thank you!
Lots of people report that, use your thumb nail to push it in a little farther.
lol yeah I ended up using a butter knife. Just cut my nails right before trying ironically enough

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