Softphones on PineTab or PinePhone
So far I don't have Pine anything here at home to toy with and am waiting for a Pinetab w/keyboard to ship.  But while I'm waiting, I got to thinking what could be possible for it and maybe the Pinephone as well.  Like VOIP softphones maybe?  Linphone looks interesting and I'm sure there are others.  Could be useful when hanging around a hotel where your cell service doesn't work since it's wifi calling.

Thinks it's possible?

Thanks for your input!
Here's hoping the Signal team will put out a linux app with feature parity to Android and iOS.

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(08-24-2020, 05:00 PM)Paraplegic Racehorse Wrote: Here's hoping the Signal team will put out a linux app with feature parity to Android and iOS.

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That would be excellent.  I like Signal on my Pixel XL, even though getting folks to switch over is a pain.  Signal's VOIP does work well as a Sister of mine was in Aruba last year and her cell didn't work anywhere on their networks.  Got Signal hooked up and worked well depending where she found wifi.  Thanks for reminding me about Signal.
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Yes, it's possible and easily doable with web based softphones like google voice. It already works in dev builds on UT and in Mobian, etc. There are several voip dialers available with libertine and anbox as well, when those become stable. Manjaro, Mobian, and the others have native voip apps.

What is not doable in UT is using the carriers native wifi calling. No support for that yet. It may be possible with the OS' that do not use ofono. But voip is definately possible.

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