Mobian and WiFi
Hi - I am a very new owner of a pinephone and have been trying Mobian.  I have not installed a sim card and I am running Mobian from an SD.  I can connect to home WiFi and the UI is easy to understand and use.  My trouble is that apps seem not to be able to use the WiFi.  For example neither browser can connect to any website and Geary can not connect to email servers.  It seems as if there is some setting that I am missing or that a sim card is required.I have checked the Mobian gitlab issues and have found nothing. Any insight? Regards and thanks.
Make sure battery fully charged otherwise wifi connection will be difficult. Used to work fine up to a nearly dead battery on an earlier software version.
I have the Pinephone UBports CE. I'm running Mobian (nightly from 2020-08-17 if I'm not mistaken) from SD card and my WiFi is working fine. I don't have a SIM card in my phone.

So I'm not sure what can be causing your issue. Maybe you could run "King's Cross" (Mobian's terminal program) and ping your router and some external server, and use 'host' to check that DNS is working? The results should give a clue as to where the problem lies.
First, thanks for the replies and suggestions!

Today I started from a completely off state.  After a bit, the wifi kicked in and apps were able to use it.  So, now I am off to try various apps.

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