Xwayland on Phosh works?
I have tried to install several applications that I know doesn't work on wayland, but i was hopping they could work with xwayland on phosh but i dont know if even phosh has xwayland implemented or something else have to be installed.

So far no luck running those applications.
Can someone give some light about this?

Xwayland is running for me, and applications that so far as I know don't claim Wayland support are running (foxtrotgps, navit). I don't know if it was always present, or was pulled in as a dependency by something else - so far as I remember i didn't do anything beyond installing things to make it work. The default window sizes for each were wrong for a phone, and there's no easy way I've found to resize the windows. Both applications have mechanisms to run them fullscreen (config file for navit, command line switch for foxtrotgps) and they run well that way, but other applications may have a problem with that.

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