Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-12-2020, 12:00 AM)wdt Wrote: I guess maybe you are unlucky, the tolerances stacked against you
From charger chip pdf
Blinking at 0.5 Hz when fault occurs, including charge suspend,input over voltage,timer fault and battery absent.

OK, so the battery is definitely not absent, and since the IC is supposed to handle up to 17V input (unless I misread the sheet) there is no input overvoltage. So that leaves charge suspend and timer fault. For charge suspend the conditions appear to be the temperature but like I've said before (I believe) I've accounted for that with extra cooling to the battery and that didn't change anything. Admittedly I don't quite understand the conditions for the timer fault though, but that appears to me to have something to do with voltage levels, thresholds, and battery response to charger current, which makes me think it may have something to do with power drawn directly from the battery and possibly throwing off the IC measurements. Again, I'm no electrical engineer, if there is one here I'd be glad if they picked this apart.
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