Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-11-2020, 07:14 PM)wdt Wrote: >AC connected with red light next to charger port blinking.
If the light is blinking, that is an error state, something is wrong
Pdf for charger chip in thread general ->red light flashes...

I see that light blinking every time the machine is under heavy use. I've accounted for temperature, that made no difference. I believe I've described in another thread that I was able to toggle between blinking (not charging) and steady (charging) light at will by just adding or removing a little bit of extra load. Weaker charger, one that supplies less than 3A - more likely to see blinking light, more powerful charger - less likely. Brighter screen, heavier network and CPU/GPU use - more likely, dimmer screen, lighter use - less likely. If I have brightness set to 100% and download about 10 large files using Firefox while also doing some browsing, have Krusader open on the Downloads folder (it'll by default keep updating file list as the files are downloaded), have browser-integration package active - light is guaranteed to blink. If I quit Krusader when I don't need to shuffle files around, keep screen dimmer than 100%, disable browser-integration and have fewer simultaneous downloads - the light is less likely to blink. And since I'm not the only one experiencing blinking light and discharging battery while on AC - I'd say this is more likely to be a design flaw than a defect in a particular unit. It is manageable, don't get me wrong, this machine is still a fantastic value for mere $200, but it is definitely not without design flaws. Much less obvious, I might add, than the original 14" Pinebook with it's Bender McBendy plastic frame.
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