Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-10-2020, 11:19 AM)moonwalkers Wrote: IMHO from purely technical perspective the best scenario would be:
1. run laptop off the AC adapter when it is connected, using excess power to charge the battery (or supplementing lacking power using battery, if AC adapter is not powerful enough) similar to other laptops, instead of running off battery only and using AC only to charge the battery, resulting in the 3A limit on the battery charging lead also imposing how much the machine can draw from AC adapter.
2. Support USB PD specification beyond 5V/3A - this would make USB-C charging useful enough to hold its own against barrel plug (unless said support is already there but is limited by the point #1).
3. Keep both ports - this adds versatility, making PBP into more of an "ultimate road warrior" machine - but allow people not to purchase the barrel plug AC adapter, especially if it's only 3A instead of at least 4.5A.

I imagine though this may make it more expensive, especially the USB PD support. I would be willing to pay the extra - I'm probably paying more in shipping costs anyway - but I'm not going to speak for everyone else.

Totally agreed.  However, the only trouble with the first requirement would be that the simple barrel connector pretty much couldn't be used any more. Smile  See, a "barrel-style" power adapter couldn't be "dumb" any more, it would instead have to be able to communicate its wattage with the laptop.  By the way, the battery inside the PBP actually isn't limited to 3 A during charging, it can take 5 A easily.

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