How To Update Phone?
Just received my PINEPHONE - “Community Edition: UBports" Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone today and have a few questions.

What is the procedure to update the operating system? (see below)

I removed the plastic that covers the connections of the battery during shipment then booted up the phone.

I played around with the phone got the WiFi setup and connected.

Noticed the camera does not work just starts to a black screen, is there a fix for this, my first thought was to update the phone

The app store thing also never loads.

Thanks in advance.
Camera doesn't work on UBPorts yet, among other things. I don't use it so can't help with update instructions, but you might have more luck in the software->UBPorts part of the forum than general discussion. Mobian has preliminary support for the rear camera, and I think an experimental command line tool to switch between having the front and rear cameras enabled. Check the wiki pages for more of the alternatives:
Wow no where did it say the Camera does not work yet when I purchased the phone.

Thanks for the info.
(07-23-2020, 06:37 PM)K_Research Wrote: Wow no where did it say the Camera does not work yet when I purchased the phone.

Thanks for the info.
I don't know what the UBPorts community edition release said in the product description, but the current PostmarketOS community edition product page in the shop says "This effectively mean that while core functionality of the PinePhone – such as telephone calls, SMS messages, LTE, GPS, GPU acceleration, etc. – is operational, it is also an ongoing effort, and thus the device cannot be considered as a consumer-ready product." The different OSes are picking up capabilities in different orders according to the priorities of whichever volunteers are working on them, and you can install whichever one you want. You could even keep each one on a different uSD card and swap between them. At least one, and maybe more, has a working camera.

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