Add contacts with VCF files
(07-17-2020, 01:34 PM)Bouc Wrote: Hi, is there an easy way to import contacts from a vcf file?
I can't use simcard (different format) and I don't want a Google account.

Edit to solve:

Import contacts from VCF file
Syncevolution has been removed from upstream Debian, in the meantime it is straightforward to import contacts from a VCF file via Evolution tooling. First install evolution:
sudo apt install evolution

Before you import the file you will need to set scale-to-fit for Evolution on, otherwise the import dialog page is unusable.
scale-to-fit Evolution on

After this I opened the .vcf file via the Files app, it auto-launched the import dialoug. After importing I removed the Evolution app, this step is optional:
sudo apt remove evolution

sudo apt autoremove

This worked for me in Manjaro as well, but the terminal commands are slightly different:  

To install evolution:  
sudo pacman -S evolution
scale-to-fit evolution on

To import contacts:  
Open your *.vcf file from 'nemo' on your desktop
Follow the dialogue in evolution.  

To remove evolution:  
sudo pacman -R evolution
If it isn't broken, take it apart and fix it.
In my case, the export done by my old phone (not a smartphone) give me between 2 and 4 VCF files. A import of all files give me an entry for each VCF file.

Even if I don't use Evolution with my desktop (Debian), you have "~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db". I install Evolution in my desktop, import all VCF files and remove all contacts that are unnecessary.

After "scp ~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db mobian@pinephone:~/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db"
(07-21-2020, 10:37 AM)Bouc Wrote:
(07-21-2020, 10:08 AM)jjs Wrote: Odd, it worked pretty easily for me. I even have it syncing from an online carddav. Check to see which address book you are importing to? In Evolution go to Edit -> Accounts and check to see which address books are set up.

I only saw now that I had imported the contacts on my google account but not in the address book. I don't want my google contacts. I will do moore tests.
How did you get this to work? I imported a VCF file from my Android phone into Evolution and it appeared to work. I imported it to the "Personal" address book which shows up under "On This Computer" in Evolution. But in GNOME Contacts I see "Local Address Book" which does not have those contacts and they don't show up in Chatty nor Calls.

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