Pine Store should accept Zip+4
I ordered a Pinephone yesterday and used my zip code with the extra 4 digits (the USPS calls this ZIP+4). Zip+4 codes have 5 digits for the regular zip code, followed by a hyphen, then a 4 digit extension. When I entered my zip code in the pattern 12345-6789, the hyphen was removed in the backend and my confirmation email showed a zip code with a pattern of 123456789.

Fortunately took care of this very quickly and fixed the zip code, but it should be a simple fix to allow hyphens in this field so we can use a more specific address. Is there any reason not to allow this character?
Mark53, my guess is that because the PINE store ships all over the world, it takes time to write routines for various countries that might have formats like this and if it's just verbatim now, there probably is no such subroutine yet.

I would guess there is some freely available code to make this easier, but I don't develop or even run an online store at the moment so I'm not sure how much work it would take.
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