Wrong information in FAQ

I'm new to the PinePhone community, but I decided to jump in and buy a PMOS community edition today (with convergence upgrade).

I was looking round the Wiki and think I may have found some misleading information in the FAQ:


Quote:Will there be a newer revision after the Community Edition?
That's unlikely for the near future [...]

Will there be hardware differences between the Community Editions?
No, only the logo on the back panel will differ.

These seem wrong to me... I believe the PMOS Community edition will have a "1.2a" board with some USB-C fixes. And the PMOS Convergence version has different RAM and Flash. Should these be updated to include the new PMOS information?

I know it's a wiki so I could update it myself, but felt since I'm new I'd open a discussion about it first  Wink 


Updated wiki myself Smile https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php?title=...oldid=6810
At the time it was written it was probably correct, but things change, and the wiki should change to reflect that.

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