How to mount an SD card?
I have an sd card I would like to mount but dont want to ruin what has been an excellent few weeks with Mobian by making a mess of my fstab, can someone give me some advice? I have the uuid Im just not sure what I need to have in my fstab to get it to mount. The purpose of the sd card is for extra storage(and maybe a swap partition? I heard it might help the pinephone run a little smoother)
Just have a look at /media/mmcblk0p*, your SD card should be automatically mounted Wink
As a-wai states, it should be automatically mounted for extra storage.

I do have the mounting handled in fstab, rather than the normal automatically to /media
As an example /etc/fstab
UUID=(UUID_OF_DATA_PARTITION) /mnt/sdcard ext2 defaults 0 0
UUID=(UUID_OF_SWAP_PARTITION) none swap sw 0 0

The uuid strings I used came from the output of blkid which was redirected out to the fstab file via >>. Then opened /etc/fstab in nano, removed the quotes and added the ending bits to make it a valid fstab entry.
The below is an example of the commands. Please DO NOT copy and paste them.
umount /dev/mmcblk0p1
/sbin/blkid |tail -2 |cut -d " " -f3 >> /etc/fstab
nano /etc/fstab
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1
swapon -a
(07-14-2020, 02:45 AM)a-wai Wrote: Just have a look at /media/mmcblk0p*, your SD card should be automatically mounted Wink

Or do a
to see a list of your current mounts
Except it's mounted "on demand" (i.e. only when accessed), so you might not see it in df

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