Trackpad doesn't pick up small movements
My Pinebook Pro arrived two days ago and it's great, however I have noticed that if I want to move the mouse pointer just a couple of pixels away from where it is that it's basically impossible.

Small movements don't move the pointer at all.

If I put my finger on the trackpad and very slowly move it in any direction it's like, nothing, nothing, nothing, it's moving!

Is this a configuration thing with Manjaro?  does it need a firmware update?

thanks DNJ

The answer is probably both.

There is a wiki paragraph about config that improves the trackpad.

However it also seems that the trackpad firmware is another limiting factor.
Some people had a look already and try to reverse engineer the trackpad behavior, however due to the technical setup there are challenges.
The trackpad is kind of sitting on top of the keyboard. You need to control the keyboard first and then through another bus get to the trackpad..

So I would suggest to have a look at the wiki first. My mouse is working quite ok. But I also know what you mean with difficulties for very small movements.
Be sure to update to the last firmware (unofficial if you need corrected fn+F9 -> F12 and super+arrows key combination : )

Also, if you want to be precise, dont move your finger, just lean it, it works for me.
I did step-1, step-2 and default_iso.hex okay, and it survived.
It does seem better, maybe.
I also turned down the anti noise down to zero in the KDE trackpad settings before, but the firmware does seem better.

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