Pinebook Pro Battery Mod Tips and Images
I decided to increase the battery capacity of my PBP by adding an additional 2600mAh LiPo battery in parallel to the stock battery - images attached.

Sharing some tips for anyone else who may want to attempt the mod.

  • Due to the narrowing of the PBP towards the trackpad, ensure that the battery you want to add will fit with the lower panel screwed on.
  • The stock battery is comprised of two LiPo cells in parallel, a plastic frame with four screw holes, a dense foam filler (as there is some empty space between the LiPos and the plastic frame), taped together with large black adhesive sheets.
  • The tape/adhesive sheet used to assemble the battery isn't TOO difficult to work with but the adhesive on the larger sheets may come off as you peel it back.
  • There is a battery protection circuit that electronically resides between the LiPo cells and the battery connector that connects to the main board.
  • The battery protection circuit has six pads - three for battery negative, and three for battery positive.
  • The additional battery can be connected to available or occupied pads on the battery protection circuit as needed - you should only do so when the voltages of the batteries are nearly identical.
  • For my mod, I removed a portion of the plastic frame and foam to make room for the additional cell so that the battery would be more compact overall.

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