Ubuntu 14.04 Support
Hi Backer here,

I've been reading some of the threads here and I'm a little confused. I am purchasing this to play around with some things and all their support is for Ubuntu 14.04 so I'm going to make the move from Fedora 22 to Ubuntu 14.04 for use on my PINE+.

Essentially my concern is Will the PINE+ ship with native Ubuntu 14.04 support? If not will there be a "guided tutorial" or will it be a caveat emptor "have fun" kind of situation? I'm not opposed to either but it's just a lot more fun with the unboxing if you can load everything and play with it instantly as opposed to spent [insert time frame here] mucking about to get your OS seated.

Sorry if this came accross as overly critical and/or abusive. It wasn't really my intention.

Anyway, regardless I'm rather excited for the delivery of my PINE+ and can't wait to have a play with it.
Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job. (Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering)
To get Ubuntu support or any other distribution, you need a version of the Linux kernel and a "rootfs".
There is such a version of the Linux kernel and the rootfs is actually ready to attach to the kernel. The rootfs has been mentioned in another thread.
It is easy and there should be Ubuntu images for the Pine64 pretty soon.

However, there will be no Unity 7 because there is no graphics acceleration for the traditional Linux GUI.
It is the same problem with almost all other ARM developer boards including the Raspberry Pi.

It is though possible to get graphics acceleration with Unity 8 because it does not use the traditional Linux GUI.
Unity 8 is used in those Ubuntu phones.

If people contribute, it should be easy to have official Ubuntu Snappy Core support. That one is for IoT,
and has no graphics. Volunteers made such images for other boards like the Raspberry Pi and the BBB.

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