eMMC to USB adapter "very" slow at reading data
Hi I have the Pine64 eMMC to USB adapter.

When reading (using dd to /dev/null) from the 64GB eMMC that came with the Pinebook Pro I only get around 15 MB/s
With the 128GB module I seem to recall around 13 MB/s

The 128 GB module does give me 157MB/s when inside the Pinebook Pro it self

I have tried playing with the block size of the dd reads but it doesn't seem to do much difference.

The USB adapter might only use 1 bit transfers cutting the bandwidth in quarter, but that should possibly still give me 39MB/s

Does anyone have any tips for getting more performance out of the adapter?

Regards Visti Andresen

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eMMC to USB adapter "very" slow at reading data - by talpa - 07-07-2020, 07:04 AM

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