Automatic app scaling
Not certain about python and qt.
The new python/gtk3 apps should specify the application id in the main __init__ function upon loading though. I don't think this was the case/possible in older versions of python and gtk so maybe they will need a bug report/feature request submitted to them. (or clone, alter, and a merge request sent Wink )
Has anybody enables app scaling for firefox esr yet? What's thr app id?
(07-09-2020, 12:59 PM)henkdieter Wrote: Has anybody enables app scaling for firefox esr yet? What's thr app id?

It should be 'firefox-esr'

My go-to method of finding it is to open the app and then in the terminal run:
ps -u mobian

Its probably not guaranteed to be the correct App ID but it hasn't failed me yet.

Is there any way to adjust a level of scaling for a certain apps?

For instance, for me Firefox scaled so much...
PBP ISO / Debian Bullseye (unofficial installer)

I was able to get everything but the gui to work from this article...hope you have small and accurate fingers! When you change scaling it is global if you follow the directions in the link, unfortunately...I, too, would LOVE to have a per-app basis for scaling...I think that someone in the librem community is working on it...maybe it will eventually head over this way.

also, in my experience, firefox works great on mobian at the moment...chromium scales outside of the screen space, though.

running scale-to-fit as per mobian wiki instructions is kind of hit-or-miss for me. worked great for modem manager gui, not so good for vlc.

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