m.2 adapter board screw missing?
I received my m.2 adapter board for the Pinebook Pro about a week ago.  My kit came with the adapter board,  4 black screws, a brass-standoff for the m.2 drive, and the ribbon cable.  

Three of the black screws are used to hold the adapter board in place, and the fourth I used from the bottom of the board to hold the brass-standoff in place.   That leaves me with no m.2 hold-down screw.  Also, the black screw used to hold the brass-standoff in place is too long and blocks you from being able to put a hold-down screw in the top of the standoff.   Furthermore, the heads of the black screws are too small and can't be used as a hold-down screw as they aren't big enough to grab the edge of the m.2 drive.   So is my kit missing a hold-down screw for the m.2 drive?  And what do you do about the excessive length of the black screw holding the brass-standoff in place?  The screw is so small that you can't hold it if you want to try to file down its length.   Any constructive feedback appreciated.
You're not missing a screw. The brass stand off is used to retain the nvme drive in place. The indentation going around the brass standoff should be closer to one side than the other, that side goes up when looking at the board. The notch of the drive will fit into that indentation. This photo should give you a good idea how everything should be installed: https://forum.pine64.org/attachment.php?aid=1672
Not the first time someone 'thought' that, but also not likely to be the last.
Seems almost No One bothers to look at the older posts, ... SO many NVME problems were discussed last year.
That makes total sense, thanks so much for the reply!
I've never seen an m.2 mount quite like that before,  but I get it.  I'm happily using my PPro with an m.2 NVMe drive now and am quite pleased.  Much thanks for the prompt replies!

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