Boot from USB on PinePhone
Has this been done?

Someone else mentioned the ANX7688.  If that's the USB chip then this page:  says it's "Simultaneous USB 3.1 Gen1 (5.0Gbps) and DisplayPort Alternate Mode".

I'm after what they did with the PI ( ) to put the boot loader on emmc, use the rest of the emmc for data, and have a 5Gbs USB 3.1 to SD reader with a really fast SD card and multiboot all of the possible OS's from one SD card which also holds a nice swap file that again is much faster than the built in SD.

I'd like something similar, in order to boot from and play with various operating system images.

Some Raspberry Pi models will attempt to boot from USB if no SD card is present. However, they don't provide any way to select among multiple devices. What I'd like is a command in the "base" operating system (e.g., on eMMC or the microSD card) that causes a reboot from a specified file path. Ideally, this could be on any available file system (eMMC, microSD, USB).
Not going to work.  While PinePhone has a USB-C port and the chip you mention can indeed drive DisplayPort out of the connector, the SoC is only capable of USB2 so you won't like the performance if you try running mass storage off of the USB port.

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