PineTab Mobian
Has someone also experienced the issue that the process "kworker/0:1+pm" eating up 100% cpu power? It happened after the latest update...
Don't know what do do except waiting for the next update. The PineTab is unusable at the moment :-(
I switched to previous kernel (5.9). Everything back to normal...
With Debian releasing Bullseye I was wondering what that meant for Mobian and found the announcement here:

I'll wait a few weeks, as recommended, before attempting an upgrade to Bookworm.

Hi folks!

Has someone updated to kernel 5.10 or 5.13 yet? With that kernels  I can't connect to a pc or charge the Pinetab over the micro usb port (usb0). I measure 5V on the connector pins so I guess the usb0 is set to host permanently. Additional I get this message in dmesg:

musb_bus_suspend 2527: trying to suspend as a_wait_bcon while active

Edit: For the message above I guess I found the solution here but the Pinetab is still in host mode. Dmesg shows:

configfs-gadget failed to start g1: -22

I'm really the only one with that issue?

Edit2: I flashed the latest nightly to SD...still the same issue with usb0 set to host. Huh

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